Mark Miro
Developer / designer
Front-end web app developer / designer

I want to help you achieve amazing things.

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Teal (Built at Ask Ziggy)
Can a hotel booking app push iOS to it's limit?

A web app that passes
for native

The app feels very native, though none of the UI is native. In fact, the entire thing was built using web technologies.

There were very few robust, and fast tools to build upon when I built the app. The screen transitions and all the UI was coded from scratch.

Building iPhone apps with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript is several times more difficult than doing the same thing for desktop web browsers.

Gray, white, gray, white...

A unique motif throughout the app is the alternating white and gray sections. No popular apps at the moment of development used alternating stripes to brand the app.

The motif can be used for progress bars, or sections or disabled buttons.

Avoiding the
uncanny valley

The uncanny valley describes a computer generated rendering of a person. Have you ever looked at a realistic 3D rendering of a human face, but felt something was off about it? That's an image that falls in the uncanny valley.

Built with...

  • PhoneGap
  • jQuery
  • Backbone
  • Underscore
  • Require.js
  • Ruby
  • HTML5, CSS
  • Sass
  • HAML
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
Rhapsody Voice (Built at Ask Ziggy)
What if you could play any song just by saying its name?

Native app

Given that the previous app only looked native, I have to point out that this one was coded using Objective-C.

The concept

What if you could control your iPhone or iPad music app without taking your eyes off the road? The app could play any popular song requested.

Preamble (Built at the Launch Hackathon)
What does the résumé of the future look like?

The main idea was to build a slide deck that acts as a clutter-free résumé for mobile

  • Sean Ho (idea, presenter)
  • Yaadhav Raaj (backend)
  • Nicki Winstead (logo)
  • Juan Juan (ideation, helped with odds and ends)
  • Me (JavaScript development, design)

WYSIWYG on your phone?

This is not the first time you've seen a WYSIWYG user interface, but phones are special because there's very little room for UI. To top it off, I attempted this risk during a hackathon. The end result was a simple, clean, and intuitive interface.

I decided on using a WYSIWYG UI so that I did not have to create two user interfaces. I don't know why more of these types of user interfaces don't exist on the internet.

Bullets are useful. Let's use them everywhere

Since most résumés are essentially bullet points, this makes for a simple, flexible system to allow anyone to express themselves professionally. Users can also add and remove slides.

Who needs arrow buttons?

Users can navigate between the slides by swiping their finger from right to left on the screen.

instant preview

Once you press the "Done" button you can see how everyone else on the internet will see your résumé deck. The only difference is that they won't see an edit button.

ITS Website (Built at UC Davis)
Zero-emission web design?



The role I played in the redesign

The old website was in need of attention. The entire website was hand-coded in PHP. We wanted to reorganize and update the content from the old website, create a new website with a better look, and have a system that is easy for non-programmers to maintain. I took the technical lead and the project was a big success.

The screenshot shown is a different website that uses the same template that the old ITS website used.